Our goal is to feed hungry
people. We require
absolutely nothing from our
friends that come to eat with
You will find the following
at our serves:
-Vegetarian meals
-Harm reduction
Who we are
We are a Pan-Left group
that believes food is a right
not a privilege
We are a non-profit grass-
roots organization
We believe in solidarity
not charity. We require no
beliefs, backgrounds, or
acceptance of any of our
Come as you are.
FAT chance,
Big fucking FAT chance
If you can understand my stance
Oppression oppressing another day aggressing
I’ll never grasp oppression
But I see it sometimes
Somedays I can be it Sometimes
I can fight and stab and scrape, but I’ll never beat the elitists
Defeatists defeatists
Eat the food they feed us
Praise the fucks they employ to beat us
Now Now
They have won
Get so fat and full
Until there is nothing to overcome
You’re just another rock in their tread
Put a bullet in your head you’re already fucking dead
Actual Inflation
by wino
Comrades, and workers alike we all know it is growing
increasingly difficult to afford necessities. Below is some
information to disprove a few myths about why that is.
The truth: We have a disruption in our supply chain. We
are short on lumber, and chips for cars and shipping
containers are increasing in cost. Secondly, corporations
know it is a difficult time, and they are taking advantage.
They are price gouging and passing it off as inflation. As
indicated by the chart below labor cost is at a very low rate,
and increased costs at grocery stores, and at the gas pump
are not coming from wage growth. Nonlabor input costs
(meaning the cost of supplies etc. for products/services)
increased by 11.5%. The biggest increase is corporate
profits by a whopping 42.5%.
This chart is measuring the GDP
Hazaras and the
Silent Genocide
by Lee
The Hazaras have long been subjugated and subjected to
discrimination and persecution due to their ethnic identity.
The first Taliban rule in the 1990s was devastating for
Hazaras, thousands were persecuted and massacred
over the span of a few days. In August 1998 alone, The
Taliban killed over 2000 Hazaras in an event that journalist
Ahmad Rashid described as “Genocidal in its ferocity”,
furthermore the UN discovered mass graves of Hazaras in
Bamiyan province a month before the fall of the Taliban
regime in 2001. These experiences had a long-lasting
and traumatizing effect on the collective memory and
consciousness of the community.
Subsequently, because of their support for democracy
in Afghanistan, Hazaras were regularly targeted by the
Taliban insurgency. Taliban perception is that Hazaras
had stepped out of their historical role as a subordinate and
inferior group. The Taliban pushed back in an increasingly
targeted and violent manner.
Now, with the Taliban back in power, Hazaras face direct
threats and systematic discrimination in Afghanistan. With
nearly complete collapse of independent media and civil
society, the Hazara diaspora outside of Afghanistan has
also lost their eyes and ears within Afghanistan. There is
no reporting on this extremely vulnerable and targeted
community and their inability to advocate for their rights.
Hazara advocates for human rights have relied on the civil
society efforts inside the country. With the Taliban in the
power, the community agency has been lost. Addressing
access to monitor the plight of Hazaras under Taliban rule